Here we are

by Metamorphiq

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Metamorphiq is an experimental electronic project, formed by Stoyan Stoyanov aka. “Storn”, and Melisa Le Rue. The duo met and started writing music together in the sandy metropolis of Dubai in 2012, and very soon: Metamorphiq was born.

It’s of no surprise that a cross-cultural creation stemming from a London born English- Filipino singer-songwriter, and a Bulgarian Jazz pianist-composer, would yield an eclectic style. Sonically uplifting, energetic yet chilled out, the Metamorphiq sound fuses jazz Rhodes, soulful vocals, percussive and electronic beats, with elements of Bulgarian, Samba and Arabic world music. With Storn's influences ranging from Hans Zimmer to Herbie Hancock, and Le Rue's from Jobim to Jill Scott, the album embraces multiple genres and invites listeners from a range of musical backgrounds.

‘Here we are’ was almost all created, recorded, mixed and mastered from Storn’s home studio; also featuring live musicians based out of Bulgaria, Dubai and New York. From the traditional Bulgarian folk song ‘Come on sun, rise up’ which features the Elitza Choir; to the modern jazz-fusion feel of ‘Silent Heart’; the energetic Afro- samba inspired ‘In love with you’, to the entrancing spoken word of ‘Here we are’; the music maintains a warm and captivating mood.

Overall, this feel good electronic worldly vibe make this album perfect for sunset cocktails on a summer vacation, with a number of the tracks perfect for a Buddha Bar or an Ibiza chill out compilation album. But despite the positive easy listening vibe, the songs are carefully crafted and thought out; Unlucky one, which features Zayn Mohammed on the oriental oud, is an ode to the often ignored modern day slaves; Plastic People satirizes the superficial importance of beauty in relationships; and Elevated is a call to enlightenment, preceded by an unlikely news bulletin.

No gimmicks needed, this album is the result of raw talent and passion. Here we are, released May 15th 2015 is available for a limited free downloads, and to purchase from June 1st 2015 via iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Album artwork by Mario Christopher & Diana Ivkovic


released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Metamorphiq UAE

Metamorphiq is an experimental electronic project, formed by Bulgarian Producer/ Pianist Stoyan Stoyanov aka. “Storn”, and Singer/. Songwriter Melisa Le Rue. The duo met and started writing music together in the sandy metropolis of Dubai in 2012, and very soon: Metamorphiq was born. ... more

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Track Name: Before words
Life ignites, warriors fight.. but we were made to love
by Day and night …

I was loving you before the planets formed
Before the symphony, before you and me
When giants roamed the earth
Before we found the words
Just human touch and eyes that yearn to say

Life ignites, warriors fight.. but we were made to love
by Day and night …

When the day is done we will still be one
As we always were, in some rebirth
and every time I wake I begin my search
for those burning eyes like molten lava

Life ignites, warriors fight.. but we were made to love
by Day and night …

Let me dive – into the ocean
Of your eyes and drown inside
I want to be immersed with you…
Track Name: Here we are
Here we are all zoned in the light fading from blue into red
I can already see my mind replaying this night sowing each second with memories thread
Its life we live for moments like this the struggle we climb so long to soar
One single thing can change everything
And we realize what we’re living for

Who knew life could be so magical
Had a feeling but only faith
Now I know I cannot wait to give it all
I’m ready to die, ready to live

Here we are
Days turn into years yeah
It doesn’t matter
I’ve found my reason
And you’re still here
Never fading
Near when you’re far
Here we are

Here we are side-by-side
Many moons beyond the night our hearts entwined
Your touch tells me every feeling in your heart
Just as your eyes can read my mind
We are like burning coals in the fire
Still the same two people but with deeper desires
Shared fears and tears brought us here
To know true love and take us higher
Track Name: In love with you
Give me that rhythm (rhythm)
Give me some bass (oh yes, aahhh)
Give me a harmony (oh yeah)

Walk with me through dusty days
Be the sun add light to grey
Tell me that you’ll never stray
Tell me that you’ll always stay
The same old one I’ve always known
Beirut to New York London Rome
We’re packing up this bag of dreams
Diving into the unseen

I have listened to the music your heartstrings play
And I have seen the shadows dancing on your face
And I’m in love with you, love with you
I’m in love with you, love with you

Lets take off tonight
Take a trip into the sky
To the stars we elevate
Passing through the Milky Way
Up high until the earth
Is like a marble blue and green
We will marvel at the scene
Living out our dream of
Love, love, love, love
There are no limits to where we can go
When we love, love, love, love
Track Name: Unlucky one
In shadows unseen there you shuffle
Sweeping up forgotten dreams as
Pretty ones pose on the social scenes
You sing silent symphonies
And no one asks where you have been...

So who will sing a song for you when you suffer?
You were named 'unlucky one'. but you’re a warrior
Who will weep for you through it all when you fall when you’re calling?
I’ll weep for you, I’ll sing for you… unlucky one

While we can't find the space to store all our shoes...
You walk for miles and miles in peaceful solitude
And our restless souls wander the malls.. wondering ..
Are we really lucky after all?


First world problems- shame on us
Third world guilt - rain on us

Please take this silver spoon
And share a bite of this solitude
For when the sun sets and the days woes are all over
We will both return to the same place after all..
Track Name: Different kind of day
Thinking about some people... Will they ever learn?
They don't see life's worth much more than gold
Greed's a sin dating back as long as we all know
Still I wonder will we ever grow?
When you took what was mine so unlawfully
When you inflicted pain so knowingly
Did it ever occur that you were hurting yourself?
The illusion of somebody else

Times like these, I want to break down and cry
but this time I'll put on my dancing shoes
And have a good time

And It's a different kind of day, different kind of day
Doing things my way, they can't bring me down (no no)

We're all here to learn different lessons
Some of us have more than others
Faster that we learn, the easier it gets
It's nice to know we're moving somewhere greater
In times of struggle in times of despair
Gives me comfort just to know you're there
There to hear my call and give me guidance
You lift me to a higher plane

When I'm stuck in a cloud of fear
I'm seeing that bright white light
As it gets much closer
I'm feeling the love inside
Track Name: Medicine
Passion, pure passion I’m feeling
Your love has magic healing powers you make me better
So let’s explore this time and place
Candlelight that soul with bass
Fingers trace body lines
Take me there read my mind
You see the signs you know the score
Fill my cup give me some more
Please release this disease I need you

Ancient magic healing lover
Natural physical loving matter
Yes I’m feeling much better

Give me my medicine
I need your sweet lips on me
Medicine, been feeling oh so lonely
Medicine, so doctor hold me
Oh let me take a sip of your sweet medicine

You smell fresh like the spring time
Make me hot like the summertime
We walk through the autumn leaves
And when its winter you stay near
Close to me like a second skin
One direction follow him
No giving up I’m giving in
I’m giving in
Track Name: Plastic People
Barbie you have no shame
How can beauty look the same?
I’m so conditioned to like your face
Feels like I’ve seen you before
Yeah I’ve seen you in the magazines
Hey weren’t you that beauty Queen?
You’re so pretty, just like a wet dream
One day we’re gonna wake up ….

Are you real?
Can I touch your face?
Do you ever feel?
Like there’s more to life

Plastic people I see you in the crowd
Plastic people You’re finding it hard to frown
Give me a smile, Give me a wink
Tell me your dreams, Say what you think
Plastic people, come on and be real be real

Hey Ken living the high life
Eyes on the kill you look sharp as a knife
Yeah this boy is way too fly
And he’s got money to spend
Girl in the red with the high-heeled shoes
Meat’s on the market, he’s looking for juice
He doesn’t want too much to hold onto
For no strings attached..

Are you real?
Can you see clearly?
Do you ever feel?
Track Name: Я изгрей слънце (Come on sun rise up)
My dear sunshine, come on up
Rise early Sunday morning to brighten
your father's gardens fill them with your light
My dearest sunshine, come on sun rise up
Brighten your father's gardens fill them with your light
My dear sunshine, come on sun rise up
Track Name: Silent Heart
I hear the sound of distant drumming
Drawing me deep into my self
Knock at your door and hear you coming
This is home no judgement here

Be still my silent heart
Lift me up into the heavens
Quiet busy mind
I reach in for your presence

We share a secret infinite space
I shelter here to escape
That valley of minds and traps that harm me
Heal me with your saving grace
Track Name: Elevated
Elevation manifestation
I'm talking bout higher dimensions
Come on a new world is waiting for us
Trust me don't ask any questions
Relax your mind and feel this vibration
Come on can you feel
It it feels so real, so real

In the real world walls don't exist
We can fly no one keeps time
In this place just to be is enough
We don't need any stuff

It's right there the universe is in your eyes
Every cell electrifies oh my
Can you hear it, do you hear?

There's music in the trees
Now we're getting high
Magic in the breeze
Now we're getting elevated

Imagine the highest high
The highest you've ever known
Standing on the moon
And jumping into earth
Imagine how much space
Surrender to the stars
Open up your heart
Let's get elevated ...
Track Name: Watching the waves
This is where I want to be
Right here, right now
Fancy that? Let’s drink it in
Where I want to be

Not too hot not too cold
Not too soft not too bold
Not too happy not too sad
Not too much of this nor of that
Weightless and I’m way less tense
No false pretense or trying
Just watching the waves roll in the sky change colour
Discreetly from night into day
So discreet that I can’t see the change…

I feel something in my core
Before the walls were formed
Before we wrote things down
And gave the days another name
And I know a whispering in the waves
Saying you’ll be back again
And life keeps spinning spinning, spinning…